Engineer (10 - 15+ Years)

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Age group: 10-15 years
Category: Science, engineering and mechanics


  • Building instructions
  • A 16-page booklet with experiments and educational content
  • Standard building parts (e.g., bolts, cardboard, pins, elastics, glue, screws)
  • Special parts (e.g., lazer cut plywood, acrylic, electronics and paper)
  • 3D-printed plastic parts (Or filament and 3D-files)

With an Engineer subscription you will receive fun, challenging and educational projects every month.

Learn how to build, test and try out projects in science, engineering and mechanics

An Engineer Box typically takes 45-90 minutes of building and once it’s built, it’s of course time to experiment and play with it. Some Boxes will result in more useful and functional products, that can be used afterwards and create value, while other Boxes focus more on playing and interacting with the finished project.

An Engineer Box can contain projects as: a DIY Trebuchet,  remote controlled cars/vehicle, vertical farming, interactive games and other projects that involve science, mechanics, electronics and engineering.

This subscription focuses on teaching science, mechanics, engineering and construction. You will learn how to built, create and test different constructions. You will learn creative thinking and how to solve problems.

If you have a 3D printer and choose to receive filament instead of the 3D printed parts, you can adjust, modify, change colors and expand your projects beyond the limits of the Box. 

What you will get in the box: