Explorer (6 - 10 Years)

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Age Group: 6-10 years
Category: Geography and history


  • Instructions
  • A 16-page booklet with educational content focused on history and geography
  • Standard parts (e.g., paper, cardboard, pins, elastics, glue, paint, etc.)
  • Special parts (e.g., lazer cut plywood, acrylics, cardboard and paper)
  • 3D-printed plastic parts (Or filament and 3D-files)
With an Explorer subscription you will receive fun, creative and educational projects every month.

Explore the world around you and learn about history and geography.

An Explorer Box typically contains a project that is focused on a specific topic in history or geography. The projects typically takes 1-3 hours to create including decorating, painting and finishing. Some Boxes also include extra materials, that can be used for more projects. The final project will usually result in useful and decorational products, that can be used afterwards or setup in the kids room or living area. Other Boxes focus more on playing and interacting with the finished project.

The Explorer Box can contain projects as: a prehistoric catapult, DIY world map that can be setup on the wall with a game about continents, optical glasses, that allows you to see the world though the perspective of others, and many more project revolving around history and geography.

This subscription focuses on teaching history and geography as well as other topics that are relevant to the Boxes’ theme. You will also learn creative thinking and how to solve problems.

If you have a 3D printer and choose to receive filament instead of the 3D printed parts, you can adjust, modify, change colors and expand your projects beyond the limits of the Box. 

What you will get in the box: